Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry
The 2-day event will turn a spotlight on advancements in technologies and applications using drones

Be a part of Europe's largest online drone virtual summit

17th and 18th of June 2021, lots of speakers!
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Technologies and applications involved

search & rescue operations
aerial inspection &
precision agriculture and infrastructure evaluation
professional training & drones for business
energy & environment monitoring
Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry
“This is the best place to be if you are a drone professional. The speakers and the content are top notch. I see a lot of conferences but this one is exceptional, especially for an industry that is so new.”
author of Drone Professional, speaker and drone enthusiast
Kim James

Why should I attend it?

“The summit is a must-attend event. Every drone professional should go and take it all in!”.
Stefan Repin
“I would highly recommend attending this event for anyone interested in drones or just looking to get into the industry. The speakers are all industry professionals, and will do a fantastic job of sharing their knowledge. ”.
Lennert Van Kerckhove
“This is a great opportunity to network with peers, and learn from the experts. If you are serious about drone technology in Europe, South Africa and Middle East, and have not yet attended this event, then I strongly recommend that you do so.”.
Tristan Vermeesch
“I am a big fan of IDRONECT and really love the team. This event is for all drone professionals out there”.
Justin Melman

Our topics

Drone operations

Drone operations



Risk Assessment
Drone technology and data protection
Legislation and law enforcement
Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry
Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry
La Orizont
Drones for good
Premier mapping

Applications / industry case studies

Applications / industry case studies
Selling to big clients
How to grow a drone business
Pre-flight planning, and efficiency checklists
Power Grid inspection using Drones, Automation, and AI

The business of drones

Regulation and compliance


The business of drones
Regulation and compliance
Mission planning
Drone operation tools
Where are drones taking us
Drone Traffic Management
How to market a drone business
Drones in corporations, government and municipalities - Enterprise Approach
Barcelona Drone Center

Our speakers

CEO of Aviatize Pro and IDRONECT
Kim James
Founder and Managing Director at Ntsu Aviation Solutions

Tom Verbruggen
Sam Twala
CEO Drone Consultants Ireland, Drone Expo Ireland organizer
CEO at Drone Safe Register
CEO at Dove Air
Francisco Sierra Martins
Director General for Civil Aviation at Transport Malta CAD

Mark Boyt
Charles Pace
COO at BCN Drone Center
Ian Kiely
CEO at La Orizont and Skyline Drones
Marc Beltran
Ciprian Iorga
author of Drone Professional, speaker and drone enthusiast
Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry

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Once-In-A Lifetime Curated Speakers & Actionable Talks

Spend 2 days with 10+ thought leaders from the drone industry, who will show you how to implement the existing knowledge about drone operations into your business.

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World-Class Quality Content With Live Webinars And QA Sessions

This is not your ordinary online event. All topics provide actionable advice you can easily implement and the best part is You can join our live broadcasts and ask speakers all the questions you have.
Virtual Summit of growing the drone industry

Learning and feedback

We hear your voice and we are going to answer you in a language you will understand. All our sessions are focused on delivering unique benefits. Indeed we might run additional sessions in case a question arises very often.
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